Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's Fall Back In Love

The way I'm feeling has no explanation. It's very hard for me to fall out of love. The fact that I love how people are is the reason. The small things they do, really. And since the memories last, and the fact that they still do these things don't change, it's hard for me to stop the way I feel. It was easy to stop loving Teddy because I didn't really love him per say. I was addicted to him. Obsessed, rather. There was not something he specifically did that made me fall in love with him. Or keep loving him however. Just the fact that he seemed completely uncommitted. And the more he kept pushing me away, and tearing me down, the more I wanted him. Simply because I felt like I couldn't obtain anyone else. And it was astounding how much he cared about me because I was such a pathetic thing. Anyway, this isn't about him. What I'm getting at is, when I love how someone does something, even the smallest of things, I can't not love them later. Because they continue to do it. Or be that person. It's a curse really, loving people for who they are. I wish I could just despise everyone. Then I wouldn't have this problem.

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